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The Nazaré beach, with a mild climate and natural beauty, has the oldest traditions of Portugal linked to the fishing arts.

The long, crescent-shaped beach, which is also the seafront of the city, is known for its grandeur and brightly colored awnings that decorate the white sand beach in contrast to the blue of the water.

This is the beach of Portugal where the traditions of fishing are more colorful and it is not uncommon to cross with the fishmongers who still wear the seven skirts, as tradition says. On a late Saturday afternoon in the summer months, it is essential to sit on the wall watching the interesting spectacle of «Arte Xávega», where fish nets arrive from the sea and the women shout their trading sessions. If we do not exactly understand the words, it’s nothing to worry about. These are codes that often only they know.

Facing the sea, on the right side, we see an impressive promontory. It is the Site, where we have one of the most known panoramic views of the Portuguese coast. There are 318 meters of rock falling steeply to the sea, which is reached on foot, for the most courageous, or climbing the elevator. At the top, we find the little Hermitage of Memory, where we can tell the legend of the miracle that Our Lady made preventing the horse of a nobleman, D. Fuas Roupinho, from launching on the cliff. True or not, in the Mirador de Suberco we can see the sign left on the rock by the horseshoe on this foggy morning of 1182. In the Sítio, we can still visit the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Nazaré and not far away, the Dr. Joaquim Manso Museum To learn more about the Nazarene traditions.

From the Sítio and with time for a walk, crossing Pedralva Park, you come to Pederneira, a natural lookout point with a must see on the coast of Nazaré.

Nowadays, the great attraction of this city is the waves and the surf, thanks to the «Canção da Nazaré», a submarine geomorphological phenomenon that allows the formation of giant and perfect waves. It is the largest submerged gorge in Europe, with about 170 kilometers along the coast, which is 5000 meters deep.

Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara gave him world-wide visibility when in 2011 he made the world’s largest sand-bottom wave, about 30 meters long, at Praia do Norte, winning the Billabong XXL Global BigWave Awards and setting a record Of the Guinness Book. Similarly, surfers from all over the world visit Nazareth every year to venture into the sea. On the beach, sunbathing is also appreciated and an excellent audience to appreciate the feats of these young people.

To get to know Nazaré you do not need a relaxed stroll through the narrow streets, perpendicular to the beach, and a break in one of the restaurants to enjoy a plate of fresh seafood, grilled fish or an appetizing stew. And at dusk, nothing like enjoying the setting sun on any terrace overlooking the sea, as the lights come on and dusk.

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